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AC25 Pallet Truck - Handle Assembly - AC110

£41.50 Inc. VAT


Complete "Type A" Handle assembley for an "AC 25" hand pallet truck/ pump truck 


AC101 Release rod (x1 qty )
AC102 Chain (x1 qty )
AC103 Chain adjustment bolt (x1 qty )
AC104 Chain adjustment nut (x1 qty )
AC107 Handle bushing (x2 qty )
AC108 Roller pin (x1 qty )
AC109 Pressure roller (x1 qty )
AC109A Roller pin bushing (x1 qty )
AC110 Type A Handle frame (x1 qty)
AC111 Rubber stop (x1 qty )
AC112 Release trigger retaining pin (x1 qty )
AC113 Blade Spring (x1 qty )
AC114 Release trigger spring (x1 qty )
AC115 Spring pin (x1 qty )
AC116 Push rod trigger pin (x1 qty )
AC117 Release trigger handle (x1 qty )
AC118 Release handle pin roller (x1 qty )
AC119 Release handle pin (x1 qty )
AC121 Push rod connector (x1 qty )
AC122 Push rod connector pin (x1 qty ) 

Brand new original hand pallet truck spare part.

AC25 models often branded as: Warrior WR25, Linde M25 series 3, Chadwick M25 series 3, Midland AC25, Totallifter AC & many more

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